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Brad Kriser has a story. He gets up every morning and unlocks the doors to his pet shops, Kriser's, for a reason. Although the money is a nice bonus, this is not the reason Brad opened up Kriser's. He started out with a day care for pets that served only all-natural foods and he saw the effect this food was having on his twelve year old dog. He decided to open up a pet store dedicated to just serving animals all natural pet foods. After seeing his older dog acting like a young puppy, he knew this was something he wanted to do as soon as possible and so he began to realize his new dream by starting with pet stores in Chicago.

Kriser's only carries all natural pet foods and this is the main focus of opening Kriser's. Brad began to convince his friends and family and other customers from his pet boarding and retail business, The Barking Lot, to try and feed the all-natural foods to all of their pets. The food was most definitely a hit with the pets and their owners. Everyone saw the difference in these animals! Even if there was absolutely nothing wrong with their pet, they still saw a change for the better, a happier pet, a longer life, and all over better health in general. From then on, Kriser's had been established.

Chicago is a big city. With a lot of people and even more pets. When you are looking for pet stores in Chicago, Kriser's is hands down one of the very best. They carry a belief that all pets should be treated as equals to their owners and therefore get not only the best natural food, but the very best in pet products as well, including grooming products, such as shampoo, brushes, snacks for dental care, toys and of course leashes and harnesses or collars, and an array of other miscellaneous items such as pet beds. Some locations even have a groomer. However, even though Kriser's is known mostly for their all natural approach on everything, it isn't just about the products they sell. It's also about the people who work there and care for your pet and the community ties.

When someone like Brad Kriser cares about his furry friends so much, he wants others who share his feelings on these subjects to help out. So as far as pet stores in Chicago go, Kriser's has plenty of ties in their community charities such as, PAWS, Tree House, Muddy Paws Dog Rescue and so many more. They also hold events and functions such as fundraisers and even pets birthday parties! At the birthday parties they also help out some of the available to adopt pets by bringing them out to play and giving everyone a chance to give them a home. Kriser's is one of the best pet stores in Chicago and soon their chain will be opening up some stores in Los Angeles.

Pet Store Lincoln Park

Kiser's is the Number One Pet Store Lincoln Park Have you been looking for a pet store Lincoln Park that has everything you need for your pet in one convenient location? If so, you and your pet are in for a real treat with Kiser's Pet Store.

Pet Store Park Ridge

Many pet owners start out thinking that a bath in the tub or sink is the best method of keeping a puppy or cat clean.

Pet Store Barrington

Kiser's Pet Store Barrington One Source for Natural Pet Food Kiser's started selling their all-natural pet foods in Chicago in 2001 and have since grown to six stores in the Illinois area including the pet store Barrington in the South Barrington area.

Pet Store Wilmette

One thing that most pet owners know will happen when they walk in the door is that they will be greeted enthusiastically.

Pet Store Lakeview

Get All-Natural Pet Food for Your Best Friend at Pet Store Lakeview Your dog gives you his best every day. He never holds grudges when you are in a bad mood and he is ready to play fetch at the toss of a ball.

Pet Store Bucktown

Make Kiser's Your Regular Pet Store Bucktown for Your Pet's Health Kiser's pet store Bucktown is not your typical pet store. They know the importance of providing your pets with the nutrition they need to make them feel their best.

Pet Store South Loop

A pet is a being that loves you unconditionally and completely depends on you. While they have the energy, drive, and love that humans need in their lives, the benefit for them is being with someone who can make good decisions that will benefit their welfare.

Pet Grooming Wilmette

See the Difference in All-Natural Pet Grooming Wilmette Kriser's is a store for pets that offers all natural pet food to help owners give their pets healthier lives.

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