We use a gentle touch and (of course) all-natural products. Services include blueberry facials, teeth brushing, special breed cuts, FURminator deshedding treatments, hand stripping, cat grooming and straight-thru appointments for special needs dogs.

For pricing information, please contact stores.

For almost any breed of dog, grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and looking his best. However, turning him over to another person for pet grooming can be stressful for you both! At Krisers, we offer a different approach to dog grooming that is not only less stressful for your dog, but makes grooming a healthier process that is less stressful. We believe in using natural products that aren’t going to cause your pet harm. Harsh shampoos and other grooming products can be irritating to your dog and can also cause an unpleasant sensation that will make him resist his time at the groomers. By offering all natural products for our pet grooming services, we put your pet at ease and treat him to a healthier alternative to other types of harsh products.

At Krisers we also use a gentle touch to provide your pet with the grooming that he needs to look his best. While most breeds require regular care, not all breeds require the same treatments or cuts. We offer special breed cuts so that your pet gets the right look for his breed and not the generic cut that is provided by many groomers. If your dog is one that sheds a great deal, having him in the house can be a problem. With our FURminator deshedding treatments, you can reduce the problem and make him a more enjoyable member of the family.

We understand that not all dogs have the same dog grooming needs or require the same type of care. For those dogs that are older or have other types of special needs, we offer straight-thru appointments to make the trip to the groomers less of a burden on you and your pet. In addition to our dog grooming services, we also provide grooming for cats. We are all about things that are natural at Kriser’s and we use the natural products and treatments that will leave your pet looking his natural best!

To get the natural pet grooming that you want to keep your pet happy and healthy, call us at the store that is closest to your home to talk to one of our skilled staff about the specific needs of your pet. We have locations in Bucktown, Lincoln Park, South Loop, Wilmette, Park Ridge, South Barrington, and Lakeview to provide Chicago pet owners with the soft touch, natural pet grooming that is the healthiest choice for their pets.

Pet grooming doesn’t have to be frustrating or stressful for you and your pet when you make us your number one choice for all of your dog grooming needs. We understand how important your pet is to you. That is why we use only natural products and a soft touch to provide them with the quality grooming services that are right for each pet’s specific needs. Many pet owners have learned the value of giving their dogs all natural food and treats to improve their health and energy. You can give your dog the same advantages when you make the switch to all natural pet grooming at Kriser’s!